Do you remember #Adwa125?

Ethiopia does not celebrate an Independence Day but the Adwa Victory Day.

125 years ago, the 1st of March 1896 saw the Victory of Emperor Menelik II of #Ethiopia over the colonizing Italian army. Ethiopians from all regions in #UnityForEthiopia joined forces to safeguard their sovereignty and resist colonization.

Empress Taytu Betul, spouse of Menelik II, was among the Ethiopian forces that defeated the colonizing soldiers on the 1st March of 1896 at Adwa.
The President of the Italian Council of Ministers Francesco Crispi was deposed with his government shortly after the battle of Adwa, a battle that shook the foundations of European Imperialism to its core.
Today, #EthiopiaPrevails with the same fervor, fighting another battle to Protect its Sovereignty, combating the widespread misrepresentation in mainstream and digital media with regards to the situation in the Northern Region of Tigray and striving to continue with its commitment to a homegrown reform agenda towards prosperity under the leadership of PM Abiy.

Celebrating the 125th anniversary of #Adwa125, Lawrence Freeman, a highly respected researcher, writes about Adwa as a Victory for Africa while Munit Mesfin enchants us with her ‘Do you remember Adwa?” in a unique Ethio-Jazz styled melody.